With Easter just around the corner, we’re taking a look at some of the wines we’ve got on the shelf at ‘the loft’ to compliment your Easter feast. From wines that will go beautifully with your Easter roast leg of lamb to wines to indulge in alongside your chocolate egg stash, here’s our pick of wines for Easter…

Wines to enjoy with roast lamb:
Roast spring lamb with all the trimmings has to be one of our favourite dishes. The wine you choose to pair with it really depends on the cut and the age of the animal it came from, as its flavour profile will differ. Young, tender lamb cuts tend to favour lighter styles, such as Pinot Noir, that won’t swamp the sublime sweetness and delicate flavour of the meat. If you’re cooking up a cut from an older lamb or opting for mutton or hogget, both of which are increasingly popular, you’ll need something with a bit more substance to stand up to the rich, gamey flavours. Here’s our pick of wines to pair with lamb:

  • Flic Red - Portugal - £8.99
  • Gorgeous Grenache - Australia - £12.50
  • Montsable Pinot Noir - France - £9.99
  • Terra Sancta Pinot Noir - New Zealand £24.95
  • Paul Hobbs Russian River - USA - £49.50

Wines to enjoy with chocolate:

Wine and chocolate? We say YES! If you get the balance right this can be a truly stunning combination – but again, you need to consider the style of wine according to your favourite style of chocolate – a lovely, light Riesling just isn’t going to stand up to the flavours of a dark, high cocoa content dark chocolate. Generally, whites and rosés tend to pair better with while and milk chocolate flavour profiles, while big, punchy reds, ports and sherries can beautifully compliment dark chocolate. Here’s our picks from the wine loft to match each type of chocolate…

For white chocolate lovers it’s got to be champagne or even better a good glass of English fizz like Nyetimber. If milk chocolate’s your thing, why not try a New Zealand Pinot Gris. If you prefer the ‘dark side’, then our suggestions would be a good Cabernet Sauvignon or even a Primitivo.

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