Alcohol free beer selection in stock at Wolseley Wine Loft

We’ve got a selection of new low alcohol beers and alcohol free beers in stock at Wolseley Wine loft now.
We’ve been a sockets of Erdinger Alcohol Frei for some time at the loft, but we decided it was time to broaden our horizons and look for some more varieties of low alcohol and alcohol free beer that still pack a bunch when it comes to taste. Pop in to the loft to check out the following low alcohol and alcohol free beers we’re now stocking:

Infinite Session - Dry hopped with Amarillo & Citra to give a bold citrus flavour. The six grains in the recipe for this beer combine to give a smooth, full bodied beer.

Mikkeller’s Henry and his Science is the first beer in a series of a new style of non-alcoholic beers called Flemish Primitive from the Danish craft beer masters.

Freeride from Magic Rock is a fruity number with mango and passionfruit that’s fresh and moreish

Zot Sport- Promises to retain all the flavour and aroma of the original Zot beer by using filtration to remove the alcohol.

Lucky Saint - This unfiltered, cloudy beer has won a stack of awards with it’s focus on the perfect brewing process and the best ingredients.

Beavertown Lazer Crush - Just a great tasting beer that happens to be alcohol free. Lots of flavour, hints of fruit and bitterness.

Jopen Non-IPA - making its return to the loft after a little hiatus, this is another great alcohol free beer that has all the flavour of your regular beer but jut 0.3% alcohol.